MAE 335: Fluid Mechanics

Provide fundamental understanding of physical concepts and mathematical framework necessary to approach, simplify, and solve engineering problems in fluid mechanics. This course will guide students through introductory concepts, fluid statics, and Newtonian fluids in internal and external as well as incompressible and compressible flows. Students will be able to frame the given flow using important non-dimensional parameters and assumptions as well as deriving solutions by applying basic laws introduced in the lecture.

MAE 498: Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity

Students collaborate with faculty research mentors on an ongoing project in a faculty member’s laboratory or conduct independent research under the guidance of a faculty member. This experience provides students with an inquiry based learning opportunity and engages them as active learners in a research setting. Arrangements must be made with a specific faculty member before registration.


MAE 703: Introduction to Combustion Laser Diagnostics and Spectroscopy

Provide fundamental understanding of spectroscopy and laser diagnostics for combustion application. The course also cover introductory physical gas dynamics to familiarize you to the concept of statistical mechanics. The expected outcome of this course is for students to understand and design spectroscopic techniques for studying various species important to combustion and energy sciences.